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Insomnia 61 Review

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

IGI Esports attended the CS:GO tournament and were seeded 5th.

Insomnia 61, it's friday and everyone is ready to go. Meetings took place at 11am but the new tournament system was having none of it and as usual the Insomnia tournaments were plagued with trouble.

IGI Esports were ready for our LIVE stream BUT again for the second event running were unable to get GOTV. On this occasion, it wasn't working and we had to abandon the stream for the whole weekend.

Once everything got up and running, the tournament run pretty smoothly, no major hiccups although it took a while for the knockout stages to get going.

Here are our results from the weekend.

Group Stages:

IGI Esports were drawn into Group 4 and seeded 5th for Insomnia 61.

Game 1: IGI 16-2 Aerox

Game 2: IGI 16-2 Afflicted

Game 3: IGI 16-10 Synapse

Game 4: IGI 16-1 Osterity 

A relatively straight forward run through the group stages except for a small fight from individual player Cajun Bean on Synapse.

That moved IGI Esports into the Knockout Stages, results as follows. Goose House continue to improve in the UK scene, one's to watch in the future. Followed by a huge win against i60 champs who were now representing XENEX. There was an abrupt end to our upper bracket run when we clashed against tournament favorites CEX

Lower bracket was always going to be tough this far into the tournament and we faced Project X which ended in all 3 maps being played but by this point we had run out of ideas and Project X had us on the back foot in the last map for pretty much the whole game.

Knockout Stages:

UB Round One:

IGI 16-3 Tritus (28th Seed)

UB Round Two:

IGI 16-14 The Goose House (12th Seed)

UB Round Three:

Map 1: IGI 3-16 XENEX (4th Seed)

Map 2: IGI 16-12 XENEX

Map 3: IGI 16-10 XENEX

UB Round Four:

Map 1: IGI 8-16 CEX (1st Seed)

Map 2: IGI 2-16 CEX

LB Round Six:

Map 1: IGI 7-16 Project X (8th Seed)

Map 2: IGI 16-12 Project X

Map 3: IGI 4-16 Project X

Overall, the objective for the weekend was top 8 (worst case scenario), top 6 was the target (achieved) and top 4 would have been a bonus (just missed out). £225 for our tournament run in the bank and heads can be held high.

We would like to thank the admins at i61 for everything they do during a troubled event for tournaments but it was seen through and completed on time without any delays or post midnight matches.

Thanks to our fans for their support all weekend and the people we had the pleasure of talking too at the event.

Top 8:



3. CEX




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