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Insomnia 60 Review

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

IGI Esports place 13th to 16th in the CS:GO tournaments

88 teams competed for a share of £7,500, teams were split into 15 groups and IGI finished 1st defeating White Knights (16-13), Intrusion (16-4) and Nans on Lan (16-3)

The oddest part of this LAN is when 1st Vs 2nd from another group play each other and loser getting eliminated from the tournament, awful if you go undefeated in your group! But that's the way it is so we were faced against Team Descend in a best of 3 which IGI won convincingly 2-0 (16-8 | 16-5) and progressing to the knockout stages.

Round 1 was against 2nd seed Team Infused, a great game with back and forth action but resulted in a 2-1 defeat knocking IGI down to the losers bracket (10-16 | 16-14 | 9-16)

The losers bracket started as difficult as our winners bracket match where Reason were knocked down and facing off against IGI for survival, again, another extremely close match which could have gone either way but again resulted in a 2-1 defeat (13-16 | 16-11 | 14-16)

The squad for the event was: DOX; NK; MR HUI; TAYLER; REDGARZ

We would like to thank the team for representing themselves and the organisation very well, IGI eSports put a lot of faith into the lads and we are sure that they've earned themselves a lot of respect after their performance at the weekend.

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