IGI Esports is a gaming organisation offering funding opportunities to players and teams looking to attend events in the UK.


Originally established in April 2011 with the intention of providing competitive gaming for individuals and teams. IGI Esports started attracting players who wanted to compete in social leagues and community based events. With interest and a greater understanding of the competitive scene, we decided to step into professional gaming and fund teams to local area network events. In April 2014, IGI Esports attended our first LAN event at Insomnia 51


Since our debut at i51, we have competed in a number of events around the United Kingdom including GFINITY, EGL and Insomnia and we're currently expanding into multiple gaming titles. We pride ourselves on Inspiring new players in the scene and we know that any player representing IGI Esports would feel comfortable, rewarded and valued. Integrity is so important to us, it matters to everyone including the fans who follow and support us.


Our goal is to become a leading professional organisation in the UK and continue our successful approach within the competitve scene, glory is for those who dare to dream, stability is key and respect is earned. #Inspire #Glory #Integrity